Morning Mssrs Cheerio…..


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I love Al Jarreau, and that song of his that goes, “Morning mister cheerio, morning mister oreo…”. We are greeted every morning with joy, talk, and wagging tails, antics which always remind me of that song, and how much it helps to start the day with a smile.



A new year; beginning again

We’ve been neglectful about coming to grips with this blog. Part of it is not really knowing where to start. While I’m not a technophobe, I am, nonetheless, not up to scratch on how to run a blog. So I must educate myself. In the meantime, Finney has acquired a little brother, thanks to us and the French Bull Terrier rescue group Alerte à Malibull. I am pleased to introduce you to Rémy the Wonderdog:


“Where did this guy come from, Mom?”